HomeMade Headlight Cleaner

Having been in or around the car business all of my life I am always interested in new tips and tricks. Having used many different headlight cleaning miracle solutions and even paid someone to do a professional job I was hesitant when a lady friend of mine told me to use toothpaste.

Yes toothpaste! Not being afraid to take advice from a woman I decided I was up to the challenge. I grabbed a wash cloth, a small travel size bottle of toothpaste, windex, paper towels and headed out to her Jeep. Not quite sure how I should proceed I put a thin layer of the tooth paste on in a small circular motion kinda like applying wax. I then wiped the toothpaste off with the washcloth in a back and forth motion. I does take a bit of elbow grease but it is worth it. To my surprise it worked and worked very well.
Not ready to yell you win just yet I suggested we wait a while before I do both sides just to see how long it lasts. Well, the pictures you see were taken a month after I cleaned the one side. Needless to say I am a believer. Has anyone else tried this?

HomeMade Headlight Cleaner

HomeMade Headlight Cleaner


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